Saturday, 3 February 2018

Valentine Love Dish from Chef Luigi's flavorful Sinuglaw sa Aligue

In the second episode of the LOVE Dish web series, Soul Chef Donita Rose and Master Chef of France Cyrille Soenen prepare mouthwatering dishes from the recipes of restaurateur Chef Luigi Muhlach and the ever lovely Dimples Romana.

Showbiz blood runs in the blood of Chef Luigi Muhlach but he chose culinary arts as his career, while Happy Cook Dimples Romana got her start as a teen star and has now blossomed into a loving celebrity mom and wife.

Get a taste of Luigi's flavorful Sinuglaw sa Aligue available at Bar360 and The Terrace at Resorts World. And if you're into seafood, you should try Dimples' Salted Egg Prawns which is available at Passion.


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