Monday, 17 July 2017

Presotea Franchise Fee and Package in Philippines

Presotea is said to be offering a franchise here in the Philippines. Presotea is one of Taiwan’s largest bubble tea chains with over 340 outlets in five countries, including Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, Canada and China, has revolutionised the industry. Each cup is made to order with a unique system that uses a teaspresso machine

How much would be the franchise fee/package for Presotea? We will post an update on this article once we received the details on how to franchise Presotea in the Philippines.

Different from other tea brewed in a bulk bucket, Presotea insists to brew the tea by using the espresso-type machine to keep the flavor and sweetness of tea. Presotea also develops a wide range of tea menu to fulfill all kinds of demand. Completely overthrowing conventional tea-brewing method, drinking freshly brewed tea makes you healthier. Presotea owns professional tea knowledge, the unique tea roasting technology and tea extraction and brewing skill . In addition, the tea selected is only high quality tea including Jasmine green tea, Oolong tea, Sencha green tea, Darjeeling tea…etc. Hopefully, every tea drinker would enjoy a perfect and fresh cup affordable price.


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