Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Download FitWell - Your Mobile Coach

The Only Health & Fitness App You'll Ever Need

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FitWell is an all-round personal coaching app that helps you get fit, healthy and in the best shape of your life. You'll get a free assessment and help setting your personal goals. We'll prepare a meal and workout plan specially designed for you, even help you stay motivated with regular reports, reminders and tips - whatever it takes to help you reach your goal. FitWell complements many sport and fitness activities such as yoga, pilates, cycling and crossfit. Together with Apple Watch, FitWell is a very effective coach.

Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced athlete, you’ll get there with FitWell’s personal workout programs. They're individually designed for you and constantly adapting to your progress. So if you're serious about achieving your goals, let’s get started!

Meal planning is as important as calorie count. We design nutrition plans tailored to your taste, goal and habits. And we understand that it can be a hassle to decide what to eat, especially when trying to get in shape. But don't worry - we'll help you with a delicious, healthy diet.”

* Compatible with Apple Watch: Keep track of your progress in real time - every step, bite, workout and calorie burned - with Glances & Smart Reminders. Use the Apple Watch as a remote control when working out with HD videos
* Integrated with Apple Health: Track active & dietary calories, heart rate, workouts, steps and walking + running distance data inline with your personal FitWell plan
* Goal-setting: Weight loss or sixpack challenge? FitWell analyzes your body type and helps set a challenging but realistic goal
* Free FitWell Analysis: A comprehensive assessment giving you an overall insight into your wellness level based on your habits, lifestyle and overall condition
* Personal Meal Plan: Based on your goals, preferences and assessment results, FitWell creates a nutrition plan specially designed for you, with recipes from a variety of international cuisines
* Personal Workout Plan: FitWell tests your strength and creates a custom workout plan according to your fitness level and goals. It constantly tracks your progress and adapts the intensity and difficulty of the program accordingly as your personal trainer
* HD Workout Videos: With over 330 moves, unlimited exercise combinations, frequent updates and targeted workouts, FitWell is suitable for every fitness level. You can also enjoy workouts on the big screen with Apple TV
*Smart Music Player: Listen to free FitWell tracks during workout - or tunes from any other music app
* Logging: FitWell helps you monitor your progress as a fitness tracker and calorie counter. Track daily targets, workout activities, water, steps, calorie intake, achievements and more
* Step Counter: FitWell counts your steps throughout the day using your phone's pedometer or Apple Watch. It also reports total calories burned whilst walking, doing workouts or during any other sporting activities
* Reports: Daily, weekly and monthly insight reports show you how you're performing and how close you are to achieving your goal
* Recommendations, tips, trends and notifications: All tailored to you and your goal
* Specific Training: Do the HIIT workout or focus on those abs and hips

FitWell offers a comprehensive assessment, activity tracker and some free workouts to get you started

With FitWell Premium, you get personal meal and workout plans specially designed for you as well as access to many Premium workouts. Premium subscriptions are available through in-app purchase. A monthly subscription is $4.99 (auto-renewed), a 3-month subscription is $12.99 (auto-renewed) and an annual subscription is $39.99 (auto-renewed).

Download FiWell, HERE!


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