Thursday, 21 January 2016

Join NBS ColorPop Fair‬ 2016

Get ready to get artsy this Saturday, January 23 at the #NBSColorPopFair! Detox your digital life and color your worries away in this adult coloring book event! Join us at the book signing of#HueCanDoItManila, a coloring book paying homage to the beautiful buildings of Manila, both existing and long gone. Illustrated by Asa Montenejo, this coloring book is definitely unique! Catch graphic artist and illustrator June Digan and have your #AYearOfPositivity planner signed too! The weekly planner is packed with feel-good tips and lovely watercolor lettering that will keep you inspired for the whole year. 

You can also watch them do live art at 11 AM along with other local artists as they transform a blank white wall into a piece of art! See you there!


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