Monday, 14 December 2015

McDonalds Celebrate A Season of Swirls

Gift someone with a sweet treat today. More details at

1.Get a McDonald’s Holiday Gift Card with envelope for only P50.
2.Write your holiday greeting for a special someone at the back of the card.
3.Each McDonald’s Holiday Gift Card entitles the recipient to one of the following Holiday McFlurry flavors as indicated in the card:
a.KIT KAT ® McFlurry with Caramel Crispies
b.KIT KAT ® McFlurry with Choco Bits
4.To claim the McFlurry, the card recipient must peel off the coupon on the front side of the card and present it to any McDonald’s store nationwide.

Hurry! This promo runs from December 13-19, 2015 only. Claiming period is until January 15, 2016.


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