Tuesday, 8 December 2015

BPI Money Saving Tips with Jumpstart Savings

Make saving money fun for your child.
Jumpstart is a specially designed savings account that helps in mentoring children how to save, while having fun with the perks that come with it. With jumpstart, children can get the best out of saving.

These features enable your child to get the best out of saving while having fun:

Savings Account with Guaranteed Savings
Guaranteed Savings protects a portion of your child's funds from unplanned withdrawals, to help attain a future goal.

Allowance Card
The allowance transfer facility ensures that your child's allowance gets credited to his/her Jumpstart Account on a timely basis.

Debit & Privelege Card
The Jumpstart ATM is as good as cash at over 40,000 BPI Express Teller Payment System-accredited stores. It's also your child's ticket to perks from partner merchants:*


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