Sunday, 29 November 2015

Mango Vinegar from Pangasinan

Six months na fineferment ang sukang ito. Nakatikim na ba kayo ng Mango vinegar ng Anda, Pangasinan?

The town of Anda was inaugurated on July 1850. Anda was part of the Province of Zambales. Upon the enactment of Public Act No. 1004 dated November 30, 1903, Anda was ceded to the Province of Pangasinan.

The Municipality of Anda is the only island town of Pangasinan. The town is now linked to the municipal mainland through a 400 meter long bridge across the Kakiputan Channel.

The process lies in combining the mangoes with brown sugar and hot water then fermenting it from 14 to 28 days, said Layson.

After the fermentation process, the residue is removed. It can be used up to three times to make new batches, he said.

To make sure that the extract is completely safe for human ingestion, it is boiled to kill the microbes, This procedure is the last step before it is bottled up with spices like garlic, chili peppers and ginger, he added.


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