Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Therapeutic Effect of AlDub Kalyeserye Revealed?

Some claims that watching AlDub has a therapeutic effect with them, as they say that laughter is the best medicine.

From a fan post in Facebook:But, what really shocked me the most is its significant impact on the health condition of our patients. Cancer patients forget the pain for hours while watching the kalyeserye on their smartphones. Aldub is far better than tramadol or morphine. Dengue patients in the hallways wouldn't mind getting extracted hundred times while watching aldub. Hypertensive and diabetic patients in the ER apparently get better once u ask them about ALDUB. Their BPs bounce back to normal or within the target BP with/without clonidine in just few minutes. Meanwhile at the surgery ER, pgi's are amazed how aldub calms pediatric patients prior to suturing. Patients forget that they are sick.
What could be the physiology behind this phenomenon?
While watching ALDUB, the body releases serotonin, enkephalin and endorphins regulating cyclic body processes and subsequently contributing to wellbeing and happiness. A deficit of which contributes to depression and anxiety. Endorphins act as endogenous morphines that tend to inhibit pain. Both endorphin and enkephalin are natural pain relievers and stress fighters.
As a consequence, when u feel good u become better. Endorphins and enkephalins are modifiers of out immune system. Studies have shown that opiate receptors found in the immune system are stimulated to fight diseases and cancer.

Also let me share this good story From Mr Rhett Sarabia, Religious Priest in Rome.

I am a religious priest assigned here in Rome for 8 years now. My means of connecting with Philippine reality is through the internet. Every sunday I meet a lot of filipinos through my ministry and every sunday meeting is a new story: joy, sadness, hope , dreams, frustrations..lahat ng kwento kasalo sa bawat pansit, kanin, adobo na pinagsasaluhan after the holy mass. Then came ALDUB,...a new twist in every juan's story; pag-asa, paghihintay, pagtitiyaga, pagmamahal, pagpapatawad...I would say present na rin naman ang mga ingridients na ito sa buhay nila, pero siguro ang nagbago ay yung pananaw nila sa buhay- OFW. Every juan is hooked-up every night o kaya during rest time nila dito. Nagkalaman ang palitan ng pag-uusap ng bawat pamilya, nanay dito sa abroad at sa kanyang mga anak sa Pinas. Kung dati ang hirap ipaabot ang mga payo ng magulang sa kanilang anak sa Pinas, ngayon dahil sa mga hugot lines ng mga lola ng kalyeserye mas napadali ang pangangaral. Siguro dahil sa iisang kalyeserye na sinusubaybayan at nang dahil dito pinag-isa ang dalawang magkalayong mundo. Milya milya man ang layo namin sa inyo sa Pinas, pinagdudugtong nito ang mga buhay na ipinaghihiwalay ng tadhana. Sa kalyeserye natagpuan ng iba ang kanilang ikalawang tahanan....or I would say our common home.
Hindi ko akalain na kahit ako, araw-araw na hinihintay ang kalyeserye na ito, siguro katulad ng kapwa pinoy ko na naninirahan sa ibayong dako ng mundo, sabik lang akong marating muli ang tahanang kinalakhan. Sa kalyeserye ng ALDUB, masasabi kong ang bawat episode nito ay isang "homecoming" sa aking tahanan. Salamat sa Eat Bulaga, kasi I am home away from Home.


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