Wednesday, 14 August 2013

R. Lapid’s Chicharon in “My Puhunan"

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Broadcast journalist Karen Davila traces how the owner of R. Lapid’s Chicharon and Barbecue got his start when he was just nine years old and expanded his business to become a millionaire tomorrow (August 14) in “My Puhunan.”

Rey Lapid started earning from chicharon when he was just nine. He would accompany his father to their stall at a market in Quiapo, where he noticed customers would often ask for the skin of pork to be removed. Rey thought of bringing the pork skin home and have his father fry it. Rey eventually sold the chicharon and people liked it.

At age 23, Rey was on his way to success by selling chicharon, and then later on,barbecue and tocino. He made it big when his mini-restaurant in Quiapo gaining patrons. It eventually expanded into 100 branches situated in different areas in the country.

Now, Rey wants to share what he’s learned and help married couple Mark Anthony and Rebecca Oracion jumpstart their business. Aside from being given a small capital, the couple will also undergo training at the R. Lapid’s Chicharon factory, with Rey personally mentoring them.


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