Saturday, 17 November 2012

Kris Aquino shares tip on How To Remove Fish & Seafood Smell From Your Hands

Handling fish will definitely cause our hands to have that "fishy" smell afterwards. Here are some tips from Kris Aquino on How To Remove Fish & Seafood Smell From Your Hands. 
  • For seafood, try putting a heaping spoonful of salt on your hands and work it all over. Finish off with soap and rinse.
  • To address fish odor, combine dish detergent and a couple of tablespoons of sugar. Scrub your hands with this solution and rinse.
  • There's also good old lemon or kalamansi. Extract the juice and rub all over your hands, front and back.
  • Try also putting your hands over stainless steel casserole, pan or even sink. Stainless steel is an effective remover of fishy smell. 

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