Monday, 12 November 2012

DOH to lift temporary ban on the 6 affected Korean Noodles

The DOH is reported to lift temporary ban on the 6 affected Korean Noodles

The Department of Health (DOH), through the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has undertaken laboratory testing of recalled samples of Korean Noodles from the market shelves last week. The test results have been reassuring, as benzopyrenes have been found below the limits of benzopyrenes set for the recall advisory. The results are all less than 5 ppb, far below the regulatory limit of 10 ppb.

Furthermore, the Korean officials have offered assurance that the subsequent products of the affected brands are safe, including the non-affected brands.

The Department of Health will undertake coordination with Department of Trade and Industry and Bureau of Customs that the temporary ban on the 6 affected Korean brands be lifted starting today.

In the application of the principle of traceability, we also caution our public that when purchasing foreign goods, particularly food products, to look for the regulated English translation of product name, the supplier and expiry dates.

Meanwhile to view the the list of Korean Noodles that is being recall earlier by DOH, click here!


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