Sunday, 30 September 2012

Kusina Master Recipe- Thai Fried Prawns with Garlic

Kusina Master Recipe- Thai Fried Prawns with Garlic.

1. With each prawn trim off feelers and legs, then devein by making a slit from head to tail. Rinse clean and set aside until neede.
2. Prepare marinade. Pound garlic, coriander roots and peppercorns together using a mortar and pestle until well-blended. Transfer mixture to a mixing bowl and add soy and fish sauces and sugar, if using. Mix prawns and leave to marinate for 3 minutes.
3. Heat oil in wok over medium-high heat. Stir fry prawns briskly until they turn red, then dish out. Garnish as desired with crisp-fried garlic and coriander leaves. Serve immediately.

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image credit:KusinaMaster

“Kusina Master” is a 15-minute cooking show in front of live audiences that will unravel the secrets in making everyday foodpreparation fun, easy and exciting.

Hosted by Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro, the one and only “Idol sa Kusina,” will guide every viewer to a step-by-step food preparation with practical cooking tips added with special techniques in making everyday dishes with a “wow” factor.


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