Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Chef Sau Del Rosario speaks at Learniversity

Chef Sau Del Rosario speaks at Learniversity being held at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Sau del Rosario is one of the country's most well-loved chefs. French-trained Sau del Rosario was born and raised in the center of Philippine gastronomy, Pampanga. He studied in UP Diliman with a degree in Hotel Management. Sau took his professional training in Nice, South of France under the guidance of Michelin Chef Christian Plumail of Restaurant L'univers.

Here are some life experiences and salient points shared by Chef Sau Del Rosaario. Tweet feeds from Gma News.
  • Del Rosario: In college, 'di ako marunong magluto. I come from a family of chefs but didn't want to be one
  • Chef Sau said he could relate to Linguini of Pixar's Ratatouille. He said the movie makes him cry.
  •  Del Rosario worked in Paris, studied to be a chef at the same time despite the difficulty, language barrier
  •  Del Rosario: Nag simula ako na nagkakaliskis ng isda,pagkatapos ng 5 yrs hindi ko na kinaya yung hirap,nag quit na ako at naghanap ng iba
  • Del Rosario finally got a break when a chef from Eiffel Tower gave him 30min to cook,tasted the food,and hired him.
  •  An Indian customer asked for a vegetarian soup. Chef Sau served Artichoke soup. It got him invited to Raffles, Singapore.
  •   Chef Sau when asked by Mr. Puri of Raffles, Singapore to work with him: Raffles? Pinch me!
  •  Chef Sau gets emotional when he recalls how he was promoted as excutive chef of Raffles while his boss was laid off.
  •  Chef Sau: There's no recipe or shortcut for success. If you work hard & put your heart & soul to it, you won't go wrong.


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