Thursday, 19 July 2012

Good Tips on Ramadan Fasting

While reading a newspapers, I saw this good tips about 6 ways to survive 16 hours of Ramadan fasting. I would like to share it for our Muslim brothers.

Those fasting should include a combination of slow digesting complex carrbohydrates, lean protein and high-fiber vegetables in their diet. Good hydration, fruits, vegetables and low-fat food should be the main ource of energy for those fasting.  Ensure that your stomach is never full before a major sleep period. If you decide to exercise after breaking fast, opt for a small iftar meal; a few dates as a source of carbohydrates, water, and a small cup of tea or coffee are good.

1. Maintain a well-balanced diet
2. Fast under a doctor's supervision if unwell
3. Keep up a regular exercise routine
4. Help your child observe fasts
5. Eat carefully if on physically straineous jobs
6. Ensure you get enough sleep 


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