Friday, 11 May 2012

Video-Donita Rose in Kusina Master- May 11 Episode

Watch Donita Rose in Kusina Master- May 11, Mother Day Episode. 'Mothers' knows Best.' Meanwhile, Donita tweeted awhile ago that she is about to take off for Las Vegas to be with her family & pursue culinary arts. Donita is expected to be back in August.

Another inspiring tweets from Donita "God's will is bigger than ur biggest dream. Don't cut it short (by moving ahead of Him). Pursue Him. Not the things of the world but Christ".

During the show Donita Rose said she llikes Chef Boy's english accent and Chef Boy said he stayed in America for 50 years and Donita asked where in America and Chef Boy replied 'in outside'.

Ms Donita, where so brave dipping her hand into cooking oil as she was dared and challenged by Kusina Master himself.

“Kusina Master” is a 15-minute cooking show in front of live audiences that will unravel the secrets in making everyday foodpreparation fun, easy and exciting.

Hosted by Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro, the one and only “Idol sa Kusina,” will guide every viewer to a step-by-step food preparation with practical cooking tips added with special techniques in making everyday dishes with a “wow” factor.

Video embed only from YouTube. Credit to Kusina Master and the uploader of the said episode.


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