Monday, 30 April 2012


Here's Idol sa Kusina Recipe for Episode 42- MAGIC BREADED PORK CHOPS.

½ kg thinly sliced pork loin or pork chops
½ cup oyster sauce
1 8g Maggi Magic Sarap
salt to taste
4 eggs, beaten
Japanese breadcrumbs
cooking oil for deep-frying

For Teriyaki Sauce
Combine –
½ cup oyster sauce
1 tbsp grated ginger
1 cup hot water
1 tsp Maggi Magic Sarap
2 tbsp bron sugar

1. Marinate pork in oyster sauce,
Maggi Magic Sarap and sit for at
least 15 minutes.
2. Dip marinated pork in beaten egg
then dredge with Japanese
breadcrumbs. Repeat procedure
to make sure pork is completely
coated with breadcrumbs.
3. Heat oil. Fry coated pork for at
least 5 minutes on each side or
until golden brown.
4. Transfer on plate lined with
paper towels to drain excess oil.
5. Serve with teriyaki sauce on the

image and recipe credit:idolsakusina
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