Thursday, 19 January 2012

Kusina Master Recipe- Lombello Tessinoise

Here's Kusina Master Recipe- Lombello Tessinoise. Baked pork loin with tomato pandue and mozzarella cheese in tomato coullis sauce. Served with mashed potato and add buttered vegetables.

Ingredients:                                Weights:      Units/Grams
Pork loin cut into flatten                 150               grams
Mustard                                        1                   tbsp.
Salt and crushed pepper                                     pinch
Flour                                            10                  gram
Cooking oil                                  1                    tbsp.
White wine                                  1/2                 jigger
Tomato fondue                            50                  gram
Mozzarella cheese or quikmelt     50                  gram
Tomato coullis                             50                  ml
Linguini Pasta                              60                  gram
Butter                                         100                gram
Olive Oil                                     1                    tbsp.
Herbs basil or parsley                 1                    gram

1. Brush with mustard pok loin, season with salt and pepper, drege into flour one side only.
2. Have ready oven tray drizzle with cooking oil. Place the pork loin. Then place it on oven for 10 minutes.
3. Take off from oven. Place it on open top burner de-glazed with white wine. Then spoon the tomatoe fondue over the top of pork loin. And cover with cheese.
4. Place it again into the oven until the cheese became melted.
5. Have ready hot plate pour with tomato coullis. Place on top with buttered Linguinni pasta.
6. Place over with pork loin Tessinoise and serve immediately. Sprinkled with chop herbs.
7. Sidings with buttered vegetables.

photo and recipe credit: kusina master


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