Thursday, 19 January 2012

Kusina Master Recipe- Ebi Tempura and Yasai Tempura Moriawase

Here's Kusina Master Recipe- Ebi Tempura and Yasai Tempura Moriawase.

Part 1/3
Ebi (Shrimp)- 5 pieces
Nasu (Eggplant) cut into fan
Okra cut into one piece
Green and red capsicum cut into batonnets
Salt and crushed pepper
Pureed ginger and white radish
Cooking Oil

1. Shelled the shrimp but leave the tail and scrathc both sides of the tail, remove the black end parts of the tail an remove slowly the sharpen. Sheel in the center.
2. Cut the shrimp upper part and remove the vein or dirts in the center.
3. Place on chopping board,  the shrimp, then cut into cress cut both side then break slowly with your finger to become straight.
4. Dredge on the corn starch, then deep into the tempura batter.
5. Have ready fat heated oil then deeply fry the ebi tempura sprinkle with the tempura batter until done.
6. Dredge the eggplant into cornstarch, into tempura batter deep fry until become crunchy, same with okra, capsicum.
7. Have ready absorbent paper on the plate then arrange the tempura and serve with tempura sauce and puree of radish  and ginger.

Part 2/3
Showa (Tempura flour)
Cube ice

1. Have ready mix bowl combine all ingredients, showa, egg yolk, water mixing well. Then add the cube ice.

Part 3/3
Kikkoman- 100 ml
Mirin- 200 ml
Water- 300 ml
Sugar- 1 tbsp.
Hondashi- 1 tbsp.
Ginger- 1 gram
Radish- 10 grams

1. Heat mirin in pan, add Kikkoman, water, Hondashi and sugar.
2. Boil once, serve while hot.

photos and recipe credit: kusina master


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