Saturday, 10 September 2011

Food Special in 'Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho'

Watch 'Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho' featuring 'Food Special' this Saturday, September 10.

image and text credit:KMJS
This Saturday, get ready to be served with stories that will surely whet your appetite!

First in the menu is Lechon. Our own Pinoy lechon was once dubbed as the best pig in Asia! But have you ever tried Lechon Stuffed with Sea Food Paella and Lechon with Grilled Duck as flavoring?

And while pansit is associated with long life, different provinces in the country also made their own versions of this popular Filipino dish. Join us in the battle for the best-tasting pansit with Tuguegarao's Batil Patung versus Isabela's Pancit Cabagan!

Meanwhile, some regions opt for more exotic flavoring. And their favorite ingredient is best served with --- insects? Residents of Dolores, Quezon use bees for their sinigang, while locals of Palayan City in Nueva Ecija like their grasshoppers adobo-style!

For those who love Eat-All-You-Can restaurants, feast on food trip havens that offer: Crab-All-You-Can, Steak-All-You-Can, and even Cake-All-You-Can!

And for the business-minded, find out the right recipe for a successful food business!

All these and more, this Saturday night in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho!
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