Thursday, 11 August 2011

Don't Drink too much Fluids if you have Heart Problem?

I received this article from my e-mail from Men's Health magazine.

Patients with congestive heart failure, a condition that may be caused by high blood pressure, a previous heart attack, or even a congenital defect, need to control their fluid intake to avoid overload. Cardiologist Romeo Merino, MD, explains that the condition causes the weakening of heart muscles, resulting to poor blood circulation. This may cause pooling of blood in the heart, lungs, liver, and legs, which in turn may cause shortness of breath, enlargement of the abdomen, and swelling of the legs. To manage the condition, patients are sometimes put on medication to expand blood vessels or help the heart pump more efficiently.

I can’t go more than 50 continuous turns on a skip rope. I stop and start constantly, although I do it for 30 minutes. Is this okay? —Tomas, via e-mail

The stopping and starting may not really affect your routine, says fitness coach Hercules Callanta, CSCS. “Thirty minutes of skipping rope, continuous or not, lets you burn practically the same amount of calories so long as rest intervals are not too long.” You may also want to consider the interval type of training: One minute of high-speed skip rope, followed by one minute of active rest (walking). Callanta explains that this gives you an intense workout that doesn’t have to be as long (20 minutes may be enough) but leads to better gains. If you want to improve your skill and stamina, add 5-10 turns to your fifty, so your can body can slowly adapt. Read Full Story...


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