Tuesday, 2 August 2011

American Idol 'Mandisa' drops 106 lbs

The Grammy-nominated Christian singer's weight battle was borne of early trauma – she was sexually molested as a child and raped at 16. "A lot of girls turn to men to fill that void and some turn to drugs," Mandisa, 32, tells PEOPLE. "I turned to food as my drug of choice."

image credit:people.com

The singer, who released her album 'What If We Were Real' on April 5th following a routine of cardio workouts five days a week, a diet heavy on salads, lean meats and fiber, and counseling to work on her childhood issues, she's dropped  a whopping 106 pounds after her stint on the reality competition. To get in shape, Mandisa hired a personal trainer and learned how to cook so she could shed weight in a healthy way. 

She says, "It can be difficult eating healthy on the road, but this is my typical room service order: an omelette using one egg and two egg whites, with spinach, mushrooms and easy Swiss cheese, cooked with cooking spray instead of oil, plus whole grain bread."

Watch Madisa here:

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