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Judy Ann Santos diet revealed- Cohen Diet

What is Cohen diet? In a span of four months, teleserye queen, Judy Ann Santos lose almost 27 lbs. according to her. Judy Ann's secret is healthy living and the fad now, Cohen diet.
"Gusto mo nang bumalik sa dati mong itsura, makapagdamit ng maayos. And at the same time bilang asawa di ba? you owe it also to your partner to look good." Judy Ann said as the reason for her wanting to be fit again.
The word Cohen was derived from the name of the Doctor who implemented Cohen diet.

Dr. Cohen is dedicated to making each of us real pros in nutrition. His method is a combination of two points:

-a balanced diet, respecting the eating needs of people. To do this, three criteria must be met: eathealthy food, respect the pleasure of eating and its conviviality.

-The doctor insists on the challenge represented by the long term diet, as a result, he tries to find solutions to deal with it

Specifically, how can you lose weight with the diet Cohen?

Almost all kinds of food are allowed, but in small volume. The goal is to reduce caloric intake. This plan emphasizes on the consumption of fruits and vegetables, either raw or cooked. Practically you can eat as much as you want. And because you eat fiber, you will feel full after the meals.

In addition to that, it is important that you exercise. If you want to go on a diet over the long term, why not follow the 1600 calorie diet, as long as you want?

How does the Cohen diet work ?

The regime Cohen is not a diet like others, is primarily a food combination to lose weight, but do not forget that it's more a lifestyle to adopt.

It consists of two stages.

The first gives results in the short term, a "boost" that will allow you to lose a maximum of pounds in a short time (up to 10 pounds in one month).

The second phase is to install your new eating habits for the long term.

Two principles :

-Everything is allowed (in order not to cause frustration), but of course in reduced quantity. Mandatory food and "fun" food should each have their place in your meals.

-You are authorized to make some adjustements only if you replace one type of food by another, for example, if you drink a glass of wine, you should not eat fruits (the glass of wine will replace the fruit).
Strengths and weaknesses of this diet :

A wide range of food is allowed (plus vegetables and fruits at will). In addition, it provides a great flexibility, you can juggle with programs ranging from 600-1600 calories per day.

But like any system there are some downside. Programs between 600 calorie and 900 calorie can be tiring for people following them, because fewer calories means less nutritional value.

Besides, if you dont like to cook, this regime is not for you as it often takes a long time to prepare the recipes of the Cohen Diet .

Example of menu :


Tea or coffee + 30 g of cereals, corn flakes type + 1 cup of skim milk

Lunch :

½ grapefruit without sugar + 175 g cod fillets, lemon and 200g of julienned vegetables + 1 yogurt 0% fat and 1 fruit

Dinner :

150 g of heart of palm salad + 100 g of turkey cutlets and 200 g chard ribs + 25 g cheese at least 50% fat and a fruit compote

For those who prefer ready to eat / packaged diet, you could try either slim fast or nutrisystem.

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Watch Judy Ann SAntos interview on Chika Minute of 24 Oras as she tells about Cohen Diet:


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