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Idol Sa Kusina Recipes- STEAMED LAPULAPU with Leeks

Here Idol sa Kusina recipe for EPISODE 1/JULY 3, STEAMED LAPULAPU with Leeks.

image credit: IdolsaKusina

1 whole approx. 2 k fresh lapulapu
50 ml oyster sauce
50 ml Japanese soy sauce
50 ml dark mushroom soy sauce
1 jigger Chinese wine
300 grms julienne onion leeks
20 grms coriander leaves
50 grms thinly sliced ginger
50 ml cooking oil
2 grms salt
50 grms sugar
1 grm white ground pepper
1 cup chicken stock
2 big plum tomatoes
1 cucumber

1. Blanch the head of lapulapu to open, then sprinkle with salt.
2. Bed with green part of leeks into steamer then place the lapulapu, pour on top the Chinese wine, oyster sauce, Kikkoman, dark mushroom soy sauce, sugar, salt, and chicken stock.
3. Steam for 30 minutes, then remove from steamer. Place it in oval plates, then debone the lapulapu, by using serving spoon and fork.
4. Garnish with julienned leeks (white part only) on top of lapulapu.
5. Have ready over-heated cooking oil and pour on top just before serving.
6. Strain and season remaining sauce from steamed lapulapu. Pour on the side of the lapulapu.

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